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Then Add Me Honey.

make new friends here. promote here too.
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what is this?...

stardropkittie is you mod. Becoming more neutral is the first step toward non-judgment. Eventually, you begin to see the deeper aspects of life and people that are really wonderful, some might even say divine. Instead of quickly identifying people's faults and seeing them through that lens, you begin to lead with love. Not only do the people around you start to look better, but your entire spirit is enhanced by that generous, life-giving quality. This is just an adding community. That all nothing more nothing less. For all different types of people. If you want to make some friends come here!

all I ask...

Please people lj-cuts are your friend. Also promoting is accepted. So promote away. "If humankind would accept and acknowledge this responsibility and become creatively engaged in the process of evolution, consciously as well as unconsciously, a new reality would emerge, and a new age could be born." - Jonas Salk

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