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11 January 2012 @ 11:41 pm
I cried in the back seat of the Impala  
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My name is Meghan. I’m looking to make some new friends on here because I seem to have some difficulty with that in real life because I am a pretty shy person. I’m a 24 year old girl from central Pennsylvania who both loves and hates where she is from. I don’t have a job right now because I am still trying to figure out what to do with my life. I am terrified of driving, and thus I do not have a driver’s license. I have four cats and I love them to death. I love anything that has to do with the paranormal. I am strange, weird, and unique and I am not afraid to admit it. I am also bipolar, and I struggle with things, but I take one step at a time. I am very easy to get alone with…usually. I am also a very open person. I am usually willing to talk about anything with anybody. If I sound at all interesting to you, here are some of the things about myself:


Chatting || Exploring things || Fangirling ||Listening to music || Making new friends || Playing with my cats || Ranting || Reading || Reading fanfiction || Taking Pictures || Waiting for aliens to abduct me || Walking || Watching movies and TV


Abandoned buildings || Aliens || Ancient history || Ancient Rome || Anything paranormal || Archaeology || Cats || Ghosts || Llamas || Old cemeteries || Old stuff in general || Photography || Tumblr || UFOs || Yard Sales


30 Seconds to Mars || Boyce Avenue || Bread || Clare Maguire || Coldplay || Darren Hayes || Delerium || Emilie Autumn || Enigma || Enya || Evanescence || Florence + The Machine || Herbert Grönemeyer || Josh Groban || Lady Gaga || Lana Del Rey || Loreena McKennitt || Mythos || Natasha Bedingfield || Plumb || Regina Spektor || Rihanna || Paul Schwartz || Poe || Sarah Brightman || Savage Garden || Sia || Sleepthief || The Beatles || Vienna Teng || Within Temptation


9 || Amelie || Atonement || A Very Long Engagement || Donnie Darko || Downfall || Dr. Strangelove (How I learned to love the bomb) || Girl, Interrupted || Ghost World || Goodbye Lenin! || I Love You Phillip Morris || Juno || Kick-Ass || Land of the Lost || Life As We Know It || Lord of the Rings trilogy || Men Who Stare At Goats || Mozart and the Whale || Never Let Me Go || Paranormal Activity || Paranormal Activity 2 || PS: I Love You || Schindler's List || Star Trek 2009 || Superbad || The Edukators || The Lovely Bones || The Notebook || The Social Network || Tristan and Isolde || Wall-e || X-Men: First Class


American Horror Story || Arrested Development || Community || Criminal Minds || CSI || Doctor Who || Invader Zim || Paranormal State || Rome || Roswell || Sherlock || Star Trek || Supernatural || The Big Bang Theory || Torchwood


Harry Potter Series || Lord of the Rings Trilogy || The Bell Jar || The Da Vinci Code || The Hunger Games Trilogy || The Redwall Series || The Simarillion

I try to write in my journal as often as possible and I’m not afraid to leave comments either. I try to make my posts as interesting as I can and I also write about personal things. Add me as a friend and you won’t be disappointed. Hope to hear from you guys in the future.
Brittanypeachandlove on June 8th, 2012 11:03 pm (UTC)
Hi, we have a ton in common! Wanna be friends? :)